January, 2011

Learn about Martin Luther King, Jr.
1. You will visit this webpage to complete the Martin Luther King WebHunt.
2. Click here when you are done to go to BrainPop and learn more about Martin Luther King Jr.

Reindeer Activity

Click on Word Central to find the definitions for your reindeer activity.


November, 2010

Create a Thanksgiving Wordle. Open up a Word document and type a list of at least 20 words associated with Thanksgiving. Spell check, then copy your words and paste them into Wordle to create your Wordle. Change layout, colors, and font. Print when complete.

Research facts about you using the All About Me Research Sites and fill in your information sheet. You must include:
  • The meaning of your name
  • How many of you there are in the United States?
  • Someone famous who shares your birthday
  • How old you are (in days, minutes, and seconds)?
  • Your zodiac sign and in which Chinese year were you born.
  • What happened on the day you were born?
Once you have filled out your information sheet using the research sites, you will create a document in Word and write a paragraph about yourself.

Click below to find the links.

external image 53203.jpg
external image 52669.jpg
external image 52983.jpg
Meaning of Name
How Many of You
Share Birthday
external image 52670.jpg
external image 52984.jpg
external image 54355.jpg
How Old
Zodiac Sign & Chinese Year
This Day in History