Computer Lab Activity
Grades 4 - 6
Weeks 13-15
November 2 - 20

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You will design your own monster using Kid Pix, write a paragraph describing your monster, and then on the last class, another student will try to draw your monster just using the written descriptive paragraph of the monster.

  1. Open Kid Pix.
  2. Draw your monster. Remember you will be describing the monster, so take care to use shapes that are easy to describe such as circles, triangles, rectangles, squares, straight, squiggly lines, as well as the fill that you are using.
  3. Save and print your picture.
  4. Use the planning sheet to write adjectives to describe your monster. Make sure you tell both color and shape. Start with the head and go down when writing your description.
  5. Open up a new Word document and write a paragraph to completely describe your monster. Make sure to describe size, shape, and color. Give your monster a name and make that your title. Put your name on the paragraph.
  6. Print your paragraph and give to the teacher.
  7. I will will pass out the printed paragraphs to different classmates, and you will draw the monster in Kid Pix as you think it looks by just reading what the descriptive paragraph says.